Aboriginal Toys

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I had the chance to visit and aboriginal tribe here in Taiwan, the 安坡部落 (Djineljepan) Tribe at Pingtung, Taiwan. I noticed that some of the toys were the ones I had played with when I was a kid back in the Philippines. Its interesting to see the cultural similarities of Taiwan and the Philippines. I wish kids would still play these toys, rather than being glued to a computer screen playing video games all day.

Water Birds in Flight

Shooting wildlife is always a challenge, and shooting birds in flight has its difficulties; like needing a high focal length to get close to them and certain species are just hard to find and hard to photographed. Luckily for me, just a few minutes from the city center of Tainan City, Taiwan, these water fowl birds are in abundance. The location is perfect, as the golden rays of the sunset strikes the birds as they fly down back to their roosts. Egrets, herons and cranes and other smaller birds can be seen in this unique ecosystem. I sure found a place to get some practice to shoot these wonderful birds.

Chinese Lanterns at Sunset

Chinese Lanterns at Sunset

I was coming back from a short hike up some trails behind a temple at Wushan, Nanhua. On the way back to take pictures of the sunset, these lanterns, which I did not notice on the way up, is now showing some striking colors as it is being lit by the golden rays of the sun. It surely is the golden hour for photographers, the hour before sunset.

A Little Ballerina’s Feet

A Little Ballerina's Feet

A student of mine is learning ballet and was so excited to show off what she has learn. I guess this is one of the things you ballerina has to learn at an early age, the ability to stand on the tips of their toes. It does look painful to me but it she sure showed to me how effortless it was for her.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Speckled Wood Butterfly

I had spent most of the afternoon taking of the macaques at this reservation, but somehow could not get a good shot at the beautiful butterflies in the area. Taking a rest at one of the park benches, I notice this butterfly on a blade of grass lit by the golden sunset rays. As I slowly got into position to shoot it, it fluttered towards this tree trunk and opening up its wings or me in full display. I maybe lucky or the butterfly just wanted to be photographed.